Posted By Jordi Masqué Tell on 05/07/2018 in Ictus/Stroke,

Sobreviure a l'ICTUS de Tgona


Surviving Stroke Association Tarragona is a non-profit organization, registered in 2015 by a group of patients, families and professionals. We welcome and give advice to people affected by acquired brain damage, mainly stroke and their families and carers. In this blog, as well as information about the association, you can find all the necessary information and news on Facebook and we share that we believe that interested and affected families.

Category: Ictus/Stroke,
Who is the application for ?: Patients
Year of the last update: 2017
Which operating system are you interested in ?: Android
Preferred application languages: Spanish,Other
Number of downloads: 0 - 500
Ratings: 4-5 stars
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Category Ictus/Stroke,
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