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Parkinson's Disease Facts


Overview. History of Parkinson's Disease, Statistics, Epidemiology, Prevalence, Risk factors for Parkinson's disease, Protective Factors, Genetics and Parkinson's Disease, Misconceptions about Parkinson's Disease, 

Complications, Early Signs, 10 Early Warning Signs, Symptoms of Parkinson's disease, PD, Progression, Clinical progression of Parkinson's disease, Movement Disorders Associated With PD, Clinical Features, Causes, Tests and diagnosis for Parkinson's disease, Treatments and drugs, Research, Gene therapy for PD, surgeries for Parkinson's disease, Deep brain stimulation, Rehabilitation Therapies, Long-term Complications, Lifestyle Tips to Help Manage the Symptoms of PD patients, Guide to Family Caregiver, Life Expectancy, Dietary Factors, supplements,

Basal Ganglia Anatomy and Physiology,

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