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Neuro Attention


The Neuro-Attention app is a powerful self-help and mind management tool that is designed to: 
-enhance concentration, 
-encourage new mental connections and new ideas, 
-improve focus on creative tasks. 

The application generates audio sessions that modulate in special frequencies. These frequencies change and optimize your brainwave patterns in such a way that the capacity of the brain to focus can be enhanced. Simply: Neuro-Attention tunes up your brain so it is much easier for you to concentrate, come up with new ideas or be more creative. 
Category: Cognitive affectation,
Who is the application for ?: Patients
Year of the last update: 2014
Which operating system are you interested in ?: Android
Preferred application languages: Spanish,English,French,German
Number of downloads: 1.001-10.000
Ratings: 4-5 stars
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Category Cognitive affectation,
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