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Friendly Shapes Storybook


In this rich and interactive educational game, everything is alive - touch any scenery object or any of the leading characters to see what they can do. Join Circle as he sets off one morning to find his friend, Star. Circle meets many more shapes along the way who aid him in his quest!


> This educational game is great for children in pre-k and kindergarten!

> Interactive fun will teach them their shapes, colors, numbers and ABCs!

> Your child will learn a lot while having a blast in this crazy shapes adventure!

> 11 animated games inside to keep your child interested, amused and always learning!

> Awesome puzzles enhance the story and promote critical thinking skills! 

> This creative story game improves your child’s motor skills and the ability to concentrate!

> Beautiful animations combined with a rich narrative makes for incomparable play-time!

> Automatic reading feature reads the story to your pre-k or kindergarten cutie!

> NEW! Tangram! A puzzle game will turn your kid’s favorite shapes into their favorite animal!

> NEW! Shapes & Colors! A classic wooden puzzle to teach your child their shapes.

> NEW! Shape Slicing! Another shape learning game – Slice the shapes and learn their names!

> Story Time! An unforgettable story brings personality to the shapes!

> Tons of coloring pages to help your child use their artistic side while coloring in many shapes!

> Each game reinforces the shapes and colors the children learn along the way!

> Educational jigsaw puzzles will exercise your child’s memory skills!

> Your child will love our memory match games! Each image is beautifully illustrated!

> Your child will enjoy matching the missing pieces to their place to complete the puzzle picture!

> A hidden objects game will teach your kid basic and advanced shapes!

> Fun games to teach your child their numbers and how to count a range of shapes! 

> A great way to learn basic and advanced shapes and colors, numbers and vocabulary! 

Category: Cognitive affectation,
Who is the application for ?: Patients
Year of the last update: 2015
Which operating system are you interested in ?: IOS
Preferred application languages: Spanish,English
Number of downloads: 500.001-1.00.000
Ratings: 1-3 stars
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Category Cognitive affectation,
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