Posted By Anarchy Enterprises Anarchy Enterprises on 05/24/2018 in Cognitive affectation,

2048 Gold


Go for the gold! Behold the most bling-bling - gold plated - diamond studded version of the 2048 game ever created! Go beyond 3's and 1024 to a whole new level - 2048. 

Swipe to move tiles. When two tiles with the same bling touch, they merge into an even more blinged-out tile! 



When you hit 2048, the party is just getting started! Keep going!

Category: Cognitive affectation,
Who is the application for ?: Patients
Year of the last update: 2016
Which operating system are you interested in ?: Android
Preferred application languages: Spanish,English,French,German,Italian
Number of downloads: 500.001-1.00.000
Ratings: 1-3 stars
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Category Cognitive affectation,
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